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A Sweet Love

A few days ago I went to a bakery not far away from my place.
I chose it because it has good products and a very whide selection. I always order a chocolate and a cream muffin, but I also enjoy staring at its window. Probably it’s just because it uses our products, maybe that is what influences me. That day a few people where ahead of me and I got curios of what the other customers would buy and if our trays could add something to the chefs work. Ahead of me there was a couple of elder people, in love as if  time hadn’t led its hand above their hearts. Cuddles and kisses, loving words and smiles had fulfilled the time before their turn. When if finally came, after a greeting that showed familiarity with the girl behind the work bench, the order was placed: “the usual, cream and chocolate”. I saw the girl grabbing one of our rectangular monoportion trays, with a saccapoche filled with chocolate she draw half a heart and with another one filled with cream she completed the drawing. She carefully took a chocolate puff and placed it close the creamy side of the heart, to the other side she placed a cream puff; a bit of powdered sugar here and there and the creation was ready. She handed out the masterpiece with a smile. The couple sit at a table, hand in hand and with smiles on their faces. They spoke quietly, like Romeo and Juliet, but luckily enough they hadn’t decided to poison themselves, but to share that joy, that sweet bite and a few minutes together before it was time to go to work. It was a beautiful picture even though I was late to work and for that I hoped not to find them in any other bakery, but I understood that a simple sweet moment can make your day a better one.