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Arya Bowl

The unique design of the edge makes the tray really different from any product actually in the market, thanks to its aesthetic impact and its functionality.

Additional Info

  • Colore: Gold
  • Articolo 1: Art. LCEA/24
  • Misure 1: Ø cm 24
  • Articolo 2: Art. LCEA/26
  • Misure 2: Ø cm 26
  • Articolo 3: Art. LCEA/28
  • Misure 3: Ø cm 28
  • Articolo 4: Art. LCEA/30
  • Misure 4: Ø cm 30
  • Articolo 5: Art. LCEA/32
  • Misure 5: Ø cm 32
  • Bordo:

    The unique design of the edge make the tray really different from any product actually in the market, both for aesthetic impact and functionality in the use.

  • Dettaglio: Dettaglio

Art. LO11c

Art. LO11c

Give protection to Your creation without hiding them. Their particular structure allow to overlay more than one cake to enphasize them without damage